LAST MILE Delivery in Laredo, Tx

LAST MILE Delivery in Laredo, Tx


Lopezadri Group, leaders in International Commerce business and logistics, located at the Laredo border, offers a wide variety of logistic services. In this occasion we present our new local delivery service, better known as Last Mile delivery in Laredo, Tx and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

LAST MILE DELIVERY is a common term used in logistics and supply chain business, basically means to transport goods, shipment or cargo from a distribution warehouse to a local customer or consignee. Laredo, Texas is one of the most important inland ports of Entry of United States creating a city with high traffic of shipments coming in and out of the city. Our logistics terminal is capable to receive shipments and prepare orders to deliver locally to domestic or industrial address, a great solution for a LAST MILE delivery services in Laredo. 

We may also including additional services such as storage, loading and unloading, packaging, repackaging and delivery to your customers o consignee door.

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Logistics Terminal in Laredo, Tx

Our logistics terminal in Laredo, Tx is equipped with a 40,000 sqft warehouse with 24 doors for crossdocking and a fleet of cranes and forklifts of various capacities up to 55,000 lb allowing us to handle light and heavy loads.

LOPEZADRI Cross-Dock warehouse


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