Mexican Customs Brokers with Logistics Terminal in Laredo, Tx



Metalmechanic – Steel

We own a high capacity forklift fleet at the border to receive and handle any type of heavy loads including: Steel plate, structural beams, bars, pipes, Steel coils, machinery & heavy equipment.

In addition we offer crane services to unload gondola rail cars and open top containers, with specialized rigger equipment and professional staff.

Steel Imports in Mexico are restrictive and sensitive operations at Customs, we offer complete solutions and orientation, to obtain proper tariff codes and import authorization on behalf Mexican authorities. 

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Plastics, Paper or Cardboard

Our warehouse is equipped with rail spur accesos for the reception of raw material or industrial inputs in a great scale basis, such as plastics, paper, cardboard or any other super sack or palletized loads that can be unload with forklifts or clamp truck.

Automotive Industry – Immex

We’re specialized on the control and management of temporary shipments under IMMEX program as well as import and export virtual operations for any industry such as Automotive.

Our company is committed with our clients supply chain, and know the importance of the automotive import-export operation, so we’re able to offer extended hours of operation to expedite and clear customs for critical shipments.  

We support critical operation with our logistics and HOT-SHOT services, which are dedicated light trucks with GPS tracking equipment and complete communication with driver to coordinate proper delivery.

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