LAST MILE Delivery in Laredo, Tx


Lopezadri Group, leaders in International Commerce business and logistics, located at the Laredo border, offers a wide variety of logistic services. In this occasion we present our new local delivery service, better known as Last Mile delivery in Laredo, Tx and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

LAST MILE DELIVERY is a common term used in logistics and supply chain business, basically means to transport goods, shipment or cargo from a distribution warehouse to a local customer or consignee. Laredo, Texas is one of the most important inland ports of Entry of United States creating a city with high traffic of shipments coming in and out of the city. Our logistics terminal is capable to receive shipments and prepare orders to deliver locally to domestic or industrial address, a great solution for a LAST MILE delivery services in Laredo. 

We may also including additional services such as storage, loading and unloading, packaging, repackaging and delivery to your customers o consignee door.

Expedite fregith services laredo, tx

Logistics Terminal in Laredo, Tx

Our logistics terminal in Laredo, Tx is equipped with a 40,000 sqft warehouse with 24 doors for crossdocking and a fleet of cranes and forklifts of various capacities up to 55,000 lb allowing us to handle light and heavy loads.

LOPEZADRI Cross-Dock warehouse


For quotes and pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Tel. +1 956-765-2574

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Storage and Distribution Yard in Laredo, Tx

Yard for Distribution and cargo Storage in Laredo, Tx

Located in Laredo, Tx our International Logistics Terminal offers large capabilities to receive shipments or oversize cargo, unloading, storage, inventory control and distribution.

Trailer Yard for foreign carriers

Secure Yard for trailer parking

Your inventory is safe and secure in our 12 acre land facility, in addition we’re able to support your business with logistics or freight forwarding services and Import-Export customs brokerage service.

Our yard is design and equipped to receive any kind of loads, for example, machinery, steel plates, steel pipes or tubes, plastics, construction materials, containers or even yard for trailer parking spot.

Transloading Yard in Laredo

Yard storage and distribution


Yard for RENT in Laredo, Tx

If you’re looking for some additional yard to park your trailers or to have inventory in a yard, we can offer a secure yard for rent, we have plenty of space available to store containers, trailers or materials in a wide open space. 

We’ll appreciate the opportunity to quote our services, don’t hesitate to contact us;


Ruben Lopez Jr.

Co-owner & Commercial Director

M. 956-286-2490


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Storage Trailer and Container Yard

Storage Trailer and Container Yard in Laredo, Tx

Trailer Yard for foreign carriers

Secure Yard for trailer parking

Laredo Texas represents an strategic port of entry and a logistics route for many carriers and transportation companies offering international shipping and freight services to Mexico and USA.

The importance of having access to a secure yard in Laredo, Tx for storage trailers or containers is almost mandatory for foreign shipping companies doing business in this area, and more important when you find a facility that offers a variety of add value services which can upgrade your services to your customers;

Storage Yard for trailers

Storage yard for trailers and containers

International Logistics Terminal

In 2019 Grupo LOPEZADRI a Customs and logistics firm in Laredo, Tx opened an INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS TERMINAL, this facility was built in a 12 acre land, located in between both International Commercial Bridges (Laredo – Colombia), and has the following capabilites:

– Container and Trailer yard

– 40,000 sqft Warehouse

– 24 DockDoors for Crossdocking

– 24/7 Camara Surveillance

– Heavy load Forklifts and Cranes

Customs Brokers Services

Lopezadri Customs Brokerage

Storage Yard for Trailers, Container

Our facility offers plenty of yard space for a secure storage and distribution, our yard capability is more than 200 trailers or containers, and have even more land (30 acres) to expand this service, which is also available to develop strategic commercial alliance with potential logistics partners or Industries.

As a Logistics Company we’re also available to support your operation in Laredo, Tx, such as cross-docking, Transloading oversize cargo, local deliveries, warehousing, yard storage and distribution. We can also support your Import-Export operations, with our Mexican and US Customs dispatch service


Do not hesitate to contact us for any business inquiry, we’ll most than welcome to assist, our commitment is to cover all logistics need our customers or partners may have in Laredo, Tx.   


At your service:

Ruben Lopez Jr.

Co-owner & Commercial Director

M. 956-286-2490

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Customs Brokers in Laredo, Tx

Customs Brokers in Laredo, Tx

Customs Brokers Services

Lopezadri Customs Brokerage

Lopezadri Customs Brokerage established in Laredo, Tx offers complete Import-Export professional services and CROSS BORDER solutions in between Mexico and USA. 

We’re an asset based company, we own and operate an International Logistics Terminal with a 24 door dock warehouse, truck yard, forklifts and cranes, which allow us to offer a great receiving capability for all kind of inland cargo or shipments.

Customs Brokers in Laredo

Customs Brokerage in Laredo

Transloading with crane

Tansloading with crane

Our cross border services includes, Mexico and USA customs clearance, freight forwarding, door to door logistics services from Canada, USA to Mexico, transloading, In-bonds, Importer of Records, Hot shot Dedicated shipments.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be glad to quote and support your Logistics projects thru the border in Laredo, Tx. We’re LOPEZADRI and we’re your Customs Broker connection.


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Cross Docking services Laredo, Tx

Cross dock and Warehousing services.

In January 2019 we stared operations in our brand new facility,  an “International Logistics Terminal” in Laredo, Texas, with great capabilities, such as 24 cross dock doors and 40,000 sqft warehouse and excellent location for Impor/Export shipments crossing thru the border in between USA and Mexico. 

LOPEZADRI Cross-Dock warehouse

Warehouse for cross-dock services

 In this facility we offer a variaty of international logistics service, including customs brokerage, cross docking and warehousing services, all these services are made by our professinal staff, under proper safety procedures to ensure your cargo is free of any possible damage in the process of unloading and loading.


Cross-Docking services in Laredo, Tx


Storage Yard for Distribution

Our International Logistics Terminal have more than 8 acre YARD giving us another great capability to receive high volume of loads. Having plenty of open space is definitely a competitive advantage versus another standard facilities.

With security surveillance cameras and led lamps our secure and safe YARD is use to offer the following services:

– Storage Yard

– Distribution Yard

– Transloading Heavy Loads

– Secure Trailer Parking

– Secure Container Storage

– Yard for rent in Laredo, Tx


Trailer Yard for foreign carriers

Secure Yard for trailer parking

Extended Operation Hours

Our extended operation hours after 5pm, give us a competitive advantage that will upgrade your logistics and supply chain at the border to expedite your shipments and cargo in the same day they cross.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote, we’ll be gald to assist and support your logistics operation with our cross dock services in Laredo, Tx.


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Mexican Customs Brokers

Customs Brokers in Mexico: GRUPO LOPEZADRI

Grupo Lopezadri, offers complete door to door logistics services in between Mexico and USA or Canada, including Mexican Customs Brokerage, Freight Forwarding and Importer of Record services.

We’re based in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico with operation offices and professional staff ready to assist your import export cargo. Our expertise serving the metal mechanic, IT & communication and automotive industry give us a competitive advantage by expediting the international crossing and tracking shipments for a faster delivery.

After 15 years of serving as a Mexican Customs Broker company, our GROUP is investing in a new Logistics Terminal in Laredo, Texas, which will be ready by October 2018. This facility with a 40,000 sqft Forwarding Warehouse, is strategically located in between both international bridges, the World Trade Bridge of Laredo and the Laredo-Colombia bridge, and will have a large capacity to receive a considerable volume of regular and oversize shipments.

Mexican Customs Brokers

As a Mexican Customs Brokers, we offer additional coverage in the main ports of entry in Mexico, including airports and seaports with security certification such as O.L.A (Operador Logistico Autorizado);


Feel free to contact us or visit our different web sites for more information;

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Transloading Services Laredo, Tx

Transloading Services in Laredo, Tx

International cargo is subject to be transfer from original shipping container or trailer to a different transportation equipment to continue its way to final destination. This is a very common practice on the international logistics, and for cargo crossing thru Laredo, Texas, one of the most important ports of entry in USA, is not exception.

A transloading service, consist on transfer a complete cargo (unloading-loading) from one transportation equipment to another one. For example, we have an American driver bringing a southbound cargo to the border but with a final destination to Mexico, but he just was contracted to deliver in Laredo, Tx.  The cargo will need to be unload in a Forwarding warehouse before going to Mexico, and the forwarder agent will request to a selected Mexican carrier to place an empty trailer where the shipment was dropped. Once empty trailer arrives the transloading services is completed and cargo will be able to be transported to final destination.

Our company, Grupo Lopezadri, has developed an expertise on handling international shipments and cargo transfer by offering transloading services in Laredo, Tx. We own a new Logistics Terminal in Laredo, Tx equipped with a 40,000 sqft Forwarding warehouse, 24 dock doors, a yard for 200 trailers and a fleet of forklifts with different, so we’re capable to receive and transload almost any kind of loads;

Specialized Transloading Services

By owning and operate heavy capacity forklifts and a 30 ton capacity crane, we’re able to transfer steel plates, coils, pipes, beams, angles, structure, machinery, heavy equipment, open top containers and even rail car loads;

We have plenty of room and equipment available for large projects and high volume of shipments, do not hesitate to contact us to request a quote for your shipping projects; In Laredo, Tx we’re your solution for transloading services;


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Importer of Records for Mexican Customs

Importer of Record for Mexican Customs

MOST of the international commercial transaction IMPORTS at Mexican Customs, need an Importer of Record must be involved, according to customs regulations. Not always a buyer, who would like to import goods into the country, is registered as Importer of Record so whenever this happens the cargo gets hold at customs and the operation can not be completed;

As a solution, our company offers Third Party Importer services, which consist of having our Importer company involved as Importer of Records so you may be able to comply with this requirement, this services is commonly know as “Servicio de Comercializadora” and along with our Mexican customs brokerage services, we can assist you to release your shipments from Mexican Customs;

Importer of Record in Mexico

To become an Importer of Record in Mexico, you must have a legal entity, RFC tax number and a physical address, so there is no way a foreign company can act as IOR in Mexico, under this circumstances if your company wants to export and sell into Mexico (to non-importers) you most probably want to partner with a “Comercializadora” or Importer of Record company to accomplish your sales;

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