Customs Brokers in Laredo, Tx

Customs Brokers in Laredo, Tx

Customs Brokers in Laredo, Tx

Customs Brokers Services

Lopezadri Customs Brokerage

Lopezadri Customs Brokerage established in Laredo, Tx offers complete Import-Export professional services and CROSS BORDER solutions in between Mexico and USA. 

We’re an asset based company, we own and operate an International Logistics Terminal with a 24 door dock warehouse, truck yard, forklifts and cranes, which allow us to offer a great receiving capability for all kind of inland cargo or shipments.

Customs Brokers in Laredo

Customs Brokerage in Laredo

Transloading with crane

Tansloading with crane

Our cross border services includes, Mexico and USA customs clearance, freight forwarding, door to door logistics services from Canada, USA to Mexico, transloading, In-bonds, Importer of Records, Hot shot Dedicated shipments.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be glad to quote and support your Logistics projects thru the border in Laredo, Tx. We’re LOPEZADRI and we’re your Customs Broker connection.



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