USMCA Certificate

USMCA Certificate of Origin

USMCA Certification of Origin format for the United States–Mexico–Canada Free Trade Agreement.

Effective July the 1st 2020, the new USMCA Free Trade Agreement will start replacing NAFTA Agreement. 

Grupo Aduanal LOPEZADRI, Leader Company in Customs Brokers Services in Mexico and United States offers its clients and the International Trade community, a valid format option for the application of preferential treatment for merchandise that qualifies as originating from the USMCA region.

Effective July 1st 2020 the certificate of origin known as ‘Certificado TLC’ or ‘NAFTA Certificate’ will cease to have effect, leaving it without legal validity, giving rise to a Certification of Origin, which according to the new AGREEMENT will be in free format as long as it complies with the minimum elements of information disclosed in Annex 5-A of the new USMCA.

USMCA Certification of Origin

Certificate of Origin for USMCA

The requests of Preferential Tariff Treatment, under this new scheme, they can be done by the Producers, Exporters or even by the Importers, just in the case of Mexico the importer can make it at the latest three years and six months after the entry into force of this Agreement.

It is important to consider that with this new USMCA Agreement it is allowed that a certification of origin can be filled and sent electronically and the certification can be accepted with an electronic or digital signature (Chapter 5 Origin Procedures Art. 5.2 num 6.)

Each industry must be responsible of knowing the origin criteria mentioned in Chapter 4 RULES OF ORIGIN, Art. 4.2 and the Product Specific Rules of Origin mentioned in Annex 4-B.



CHAPTER 4 Rules of Origin



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