Transloading Services Laredo, Tx

Transloading Services Laredo, Tx

Transloading Services in Laredo, Tx

International cargo is subject to be transfer from original shipping container or trailer to a different transportation equipment to continue its way to final destination. This is a very common practice on the international logistics, and for cargo crossing thru Laredo, Texas, one of the most important ports of entry in USA, is not exception.

A transloading service, consist on transfer a complete cargo (unloading-loading) from one transportation equipment to another one. For example, we have an American driver bringing a southbound cargo to the border but with a final destination to Mexico, but he just was contracted to deliver in Laredo, Tx.  The cargo will need to be unload in a Forwarding warehouse before going to Mexico, and the forwarder agent will request to a selected Mexican carrier to place an empty trailer where the shipment was dropped. Once empty trailer arrives the transloading services is completed and cargo will be able to be transported to final destination.

Our company, Grupo Lopezadri, has developed an expertise on handling international shipments and cargo transfer by offering transloading services in Laredo, Tx. We own a new Logistics Terminal in Laredo, Tx equipped with a 40,000 sqft Forwarding warehouse, 24 dock doors, a yard for 200 trailers and a fleet of forklifts with different, so we’re capable to receive and transload almost any kind of loads;

Specialized Transloading Services

By owning and operate heavy capacity forklifts and a 30 ton capacity crane, we’re able to transfer steel plates, coils, pipes, beams, angles, structure, machinery, heavy equipment, open top containers and even rail car loads;

We have plenty of room and equipment available for large projects and high volume of shipments, do not hesitate to contact us to request a quote for your shipping projects; In Laredo, Tx we’re your solution for transloading services;



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