Storage Trailer and Container Yard

Storage Trailer and Container Yard

Storage Trailer and Container Yard in Laredo, Tx

Trailer Yard for foreign carriers

Secure Yard for trailer parking

Laredo Texas represents an strategic port of entry and a logistics route for many carriers and transportation companies offering international shipping and freight services to Mexico and USA.

The importance of having access to a secure yard in Laredo, Tx for storage trailers or containers is almost mandatory for foreign shipping companies doing business in this area, and more important when you find a facility that offers a variety of add value services which can upgrade your services to your customers;

Storage Yard for trailers

Storage yard for trailers and containers

International Logistics Terminal

In 2019 Grupo LOPEZADRI a Customs and logistics firm in Laredo, Tx opened an INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS TERMINAL, this facility was built in a 12 acre land, located in between both International Commercial Bridges (Laredo – Colombia), and has the following capabilites:

– Container and Trailer yard

– 40,000 sqft Warehouse

– 24 DockDoors for Crossdocking

– 24/7 Camara Surveillance

– Heavy load Forklifts and Cranes

Customs Brokers Services

Lopezadri Customs Brokerage

Storage Yard for Trailers, Container

Our facility offers plenty of yard space for a secure storage and distribution, our yard capability is more than 200 trailers or containers, and have even more land (30 acres) to expand this service, which is also available to develop strategic commercial alliance with potential logistics partners or Industries.

As a Logistics Company we’re also available to support your operation in Laredo, Tx, such as cross-docking, Transloading oversize cargo, local deliveries, warehousing, yard storage and distribution. We can also support your Import-Export operations, with our Mexican and US Customs dispatch service


Do not hesitate to contact us for any business inquiry, we’ll most than welcome to assist, our commitment is to cover all logistics need our customers or partners may have in Laredo, Tx.   


At your service:

Ruben Lopez Jr.

Co-owner & Commercial Director

M. 956-286-2490


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