Storage and Distribution Yard in Laredo, Tx

Storage and Distribution Yard in Laredo, Tx

Yard for Distribution and cargo Storage in Laredo, Tx

Located in Laredo, Tx our International Logistics Terminal offers large capabilities to receive shipments or oversize cargo, unloading, storage, inventory control and distribution.

Trailer Yard for foreign carriers

Secure Yard for trailer parking

Your inventory is safe and secure in our 12 acre land facility, in addition we’re able to support your business with logistics or freight forwarding services and Import-Export customs brokerage service.

Our yard is design and equipped to receive any kind of loads, for example, machinery, steel plates, steel pipes or tubes, plastics, construction materials, containers or even yard for trailer parking spot.

Transloading Yard in Laredo

Yard storage and distribution


Yard for RENT in Laredo, Tx

If you’re looking for some additional yard to park your trailers or to have inventory in a yard, we can offer a secure yard for rent, we have plenty of space available to store containers, trailers or materials in a wide open space. 

We’ll appreciate the opportunity to quote our services, don’t hesitate to contact us;


Ruben Lopez Jr.

Co-owner & Commercial Director

M. 956-286-2490



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