Mexican Customs Brokers

Mexican Customs Brokers

Customs Brokers in Mexico: GRUPO LOPEZADRI

Grupo Lopezadri, offers complete door to door logistics services in between Mexico and USA or Canada, including Mexican Customs Brokerage, Freight Forwarding and Importer of Record services.

We’re based in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico with operation offices and professional staff ready to assist your import export cargo. Our expertise serving the metal mechanic, IT & communication and automotive industry give us a competitive advantage by expediting the international crossing and tracking shipments for a faster delivery.

After 15 years of serving as a Mexican Customs Broker company, our GROUP is investing in a new Logistics Terminal in Laredo, Texas, which will be ready by October 2018. This facility with a 40,000 sqft Forwarding Warehouse, is strategically located in between both international bridges, the World Trade Bridge of Laredo and the Laredo-Colombia bridge, and will have a large capacity to receive a considerable volume of regular and oversize shipments.

Mexican Customs Brokers

As a Mexican Customs Brokers, we offer additional coverage in the main ports of entry in Mexico, including airports and seaports with security certification such as O.L.A (Operador Logistico Autorizado);


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