Importer of Records for Mexican Customs

Importer of Records for Mexican Customs

Importer of Record for Mexican Customs

MOST of the international commercial transaction IMPORTS at Mexican Customs, need an Importer of Record must be involved, according to customs regulations. Not always a buyer, who would like to import goods into the country, is registered as Importer of Record so whenever this happens the cargo gets hold at customs and the operation can not be completed;

As a solution, our company offers Third Party Importer services, which consist of having our Importer company involved as Importer of Records so you may be able to comply with this requirement, this services is commonly know as “Servicio de Comercializadora” and along with our Mexican customs brokerage services, we can assist you to release your shipments from Mexican Customs;

Importer of Record in Mexico

To become an Importer of Record in Mexico, you must have a legal entity, RFC tax number and a physical address, so there is no way a foreign company can act as IOR in Mexico, under this circumstances if your company wants to export and sell into Mexico (to non-importers) you most probably want to partner with a “Comercializadora” or Importer of Record company to accomplish your sales;


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